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Talents Group

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The School has a large number offamous scholars and experts from home and abroad. At present, it has 289faculty members, including 38 doctoral supervisors, 58 full professors and 105associate professors. Some of them are listed in different talents programs asfollowing:  

(1) National Talents Program:three members in National 1000-elite Program, one distinguished professor ofNationalCheung Kong Scholars, two chairprofessors of National Cheung Kong Scholars, two recipients of NSFC NationalDistinguished Youth Science Funds and one member of National New CenturyTalents Project;  

(2)Provincial Talents Program:one chair professor of Hunan Provincial “Furong Scholar” Program, three recipientsof Hunan Provincial Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars and fourteenmembers of New Century Distinguished Talents Program designated by the Ministryof Education of China.  

(3)School Talents Program: two distinguishedprofessors of CSU “Shenghua Scholar” Program, three teachers of CSU “ShenghuaTalent Hunting” Program and four teachers of CSU “Shenghua Talent Cultivation”Program.  

Inaddition, the School has also invited a large number of famous Chinese andinternational scholars to serve as honorary professors, guest professors andadjunct professors.  

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