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Resource Allocation for Cloud-Radio Access Network Powered by Renewable Energy

十二月 16,2016 Click:

Convention Name:GlobeCom

Full Name:IEEE Global Communications Conference

Time:2016-12-21(Wed) 10:00 am

Address:Railway Campus Electronic Building 521

Reporter:Zhang Deyu

Report title:Resource Allocation for Cloud-Radio Access Network Powered by Renewable Energy

Report Summary:In this paper, sustainable resource allocation for green Cloud Radio Access Networks (C-RAN) powered by renewable energy is investigated. Specifically, the Base Station pool (BS pool) in the C-RAN distributes data to a set of remote radio heads (RRHs) with energy harvesting (EH) capability, and allocates sub-carriers to the selected RRHs for downlink transmissions, by jointly considering the user throughput and energy sustainability performance of RRHs. To this end, a utility optimization problem is formulated, characterizing the stochastic process of energy harvesting (EH) and wireless fading channel. Based on Lyapunov optimization techniques, the formulated problem is decomposed into three subproblems, i.e., energy harvesting, data scheduling, and sub-carrier allocation. An efficient online algorithm is developed to obtain the maximal aggregate user utility while ensuring the stability of the data buffers and sustainability of the energy buffers. Performance analysis demonstrates that the proposed algorithm can achieve a suboptimal performance with guaranteed upper bounds of data queue and energy queue lengths. Extensive simulations validate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed algorithm.

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