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School of information Central South University won the singing contest first prize

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In the evening of December 9, 2016, "Do not forget the beginning of flying youth" Central South University student commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Red Army Changzheng Chorus Competition final undertaked by the School of Engineering, the Ministry of Industry, the school Communist Youth League, School of Information Science and Engineering was successfully held in the South campus auditorium . Hu Yuehua executive vice president, deputy secretary of Jiang Jianxiang and nearly a thousand teachers and students watched the wonderful game. School of Information Science and Engineering won the competition First prize with an absolute score of 96.66, and the Academy of Arts, Law School swept the top three.


The competition beganwith the"Flags of the Fluttering Flags"as a prelude and the choir of the instructors sang the song with its beautiful vocals, prompting the students to immerse themselves in the rich musical atmosphere of this competition. Subsequently, more than a team took turns into battlewhichthe songsin the hall around the beam, or forceful, or loud and moving.The presence of the audiencewhowas of the low praise and applause from the heartwereall full of passion for the singers.

The choral song "Songhua River" appeared in the second chapterfromthe information college team debut, the projection of the magnificent image effectsonthe slowly fallingcurtain ,showing the essence of professional, revealing the letter Treasures gloryso that the atmosphere of the audience aroused, praise endless. A powerful male voice to the destruction of the history of the three northeastern provinces, the heavy tone of the audience to bring back more than eighty years ago the bitter history of dust blowing moment of history, heavy sense of the field has become a well-deserved theme. Chorus from the Information Institute deputy party secretary Yi Xianfeng pro-command, from the powerful male voice chorus, followed by passionate female chorus, followed by men and women chorus, the atmosphere of the field to a climax, the surging sound of the inner hall Layer waves to open, the audience immersed in the majestic song among a long time hard to extricate themselves. Chorus in the audience intoxicated in the successful conclusion of the Information Institute team harvest applause prolonged.


Along with as "Postscript" and "strong army battle song" concert ended, the battle of the war close to the end. Among the audience's expectations, the host read the list of winners, the School of Information live up to expectations, won the first prize. Competition organizers Information College of the whole upper and lower participation, for the smooth conduct of the contest dedication, a number of initiatives to ensure the success of the contest.


The finalcompetitionnot only presented the audience with an unparalleled audio-visual feast, but also brought a spiritual cleansing of all by recalling the past years.Teachers and studentsgotmorerealcognitionfor the80 yearsof thelong march,patriotic love of the party's consciousnesshas been further improved.I wish studentsin the next studylifetocarry forward the spirit of the Long March,not afraid of danger,and strive to upstream!

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